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TrainSMART Train the Trainer 

WINLF is sponsoring a Train the Trainer workshop put on by TrainSMART INC. 

This training is being offered at a reduced price of $350, compared to its usual cost of $2,600. Travel, food, and lodging are not included in the cost. 

The training will be held in Duluth, Minnesota, at The Suites Hotel at Waterfront Plaza from May 6th through 8th. It is designed for anyone who gives presentations or provides education services and is open to educators in any industry.

We do have a limited number of seats available, so please register before it fills up. Use the QR code or go directly to the registration page.

Unlock Your Potential as an Exceptional Trainer!

Are you ready to take your training delivery skills to the next level? Join the over 75,000 participants who have taken part in TrainSMART’s Internationally Certified Train-the-Trainer Courses!

Imagine boarding a train that is bound for success in the world of corporate training. TrainSMART invites you to participate in our 3-day Train-the-Trainer Course where you’ll discover new horizons and learn important skills that will advance your training talents.

This train-the-trainer training is your ticket to success, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice. Prepare to be immersed in an interactive, engaging environment where you will learn how to efficiently transfer knowledge while captivating your audience with instructive content.

With TrainSmart’s certified train-the-trainer workshop, you will go on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the skills and strategies necessary to design training sessions with a lasting impact. You will explore themes such as engaging adult learners, producing and generating material, perfecting delivery skills, increasing learning with activities, managing your classroom, and mastering approaches for virtual training.

We offer 3 options for our Training-the-Trainer Course: 3-day public workshops in 9 U.S. cities, 3-day virtual instructor-led workshops via Zoom, and custom-tailored training in-person or virtual.

Enjoy the pleasure of learning in a small, intimate setting, where you will have the opportunity to present and facilitate between 5 and 7 parts, as well as your own 10 to 20-minute training project.

Learn how to construct a training schedule that flows fluidly from one lesson to the next by selecting a subject that piques your interest. Study the growth process and learn how to add participation- and comprehension-enhancing activities.

Discover how to manage classroom obstacles and facilitate learning in a way that is both instructive and enjoyable.

Your adventure concludes with a recorded practice session on the last day when you will receive feedback and coaching from your peers and the facilitator. Join us on this journey to success aboard this thrilling train. We will see you on board!




3-Day Train-the-Trainer Course Outline

 Day 1: Fundamentals of Training

  • Introduction to train-the-trainer

  • Overview of training skills and topics covered

  • Effective communication for trainers

  • Verbal skills, body language, listening skills

  • Communication styles and personality types

  • Understanding adult learning principles

  • Andragogy vs. pedagogy

  • Motivation factors, generational differences

  • Accommodating various learning preferences

  • Training evaluation basics

  • Kirkpatrick model, the importance of measurement

  • Selecting appropriate training methods

Day 2: Designing Training Programs

  • Conducting training needs assessments

  • Identifying performance gaps, training needs

  • Task analysis techniques

  • Developing goals and learning objectives

  • Aligning objectives, assessments, activities

  • Creating active learning experiences

  • Benefits of active vs. passive learning

  • Facilitation methods, activity ideas

  • Incorporating visual aids and multimedia

  • Effective use of presentation slides, videos

  • Tools for engagement and recall

  • Structuring effective training schedules

  • Session flow, timing, transitions

  • Maintaining energy and focus

Day 3: Delivering Exceptional Training

  • Presentation and facilitation skills

  • Voice projection, body language

  • Questioning techniques, listener engagement

  • Virtual training techniques

  • Platform options, simulating virtual delivery

  • Engaging learners remotely

  • Managing challenging training situations

  • Dealing with disruptions, difficult learners

  • Getting participation and interaction

  • Techniques for starting and ending strong

  • Grabbing attention, setting expectations

  • Reviewing key points, call to action

  • Participants deliver 5-minute micro-teach sessions

  • Apply skills covered throughout the course

  • Receive peer and trainer feedback

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