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Financial Education

Wisconsin Native Loan Fund is a key founding member and fiscal agent for a collaborative group named Zhoonyia Gikendasowin (Money Knowledge).  

Image of beaded belt with Zhoonyia Gikendasowin written over

This group of local agencies has partnered up to collectively operate, rather than duplicate services to increase effectiveness and provide direct services to tribal members in the community.  With Wisconsin Native Loan Fund's lead, Zhoonyia has provided financial education to nearly 400 tribal and community members through financial education sessions, Lunch & Learn workshops, and Money Smart Week events on various topics to educate consumers in the past two years.  Through this partnership created between three CDFIs, two other local non-profits, a local not-for-profit, and a tribal program, Wisconsin Native Loan Fund is the integral lead group in the mission to impact community financial wellness and increase the self sufficiency in all tribal and community members.

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